Foxy Comes Home: a dog's tale

Foxy Comes Home: a dog's tale

Author: Ashley Bridges
Pages: 40
Language: english

During a raging thunderstorm, a little lost dog finds her way to Willowbrook Farm and is taken in by the Campbells. Though given food and a safe place to sleep there on the farm, the little dog needs something more, a playmate she can love. But no one on the busy farm has time for her. No one, that is, until Lin and her father come to pick peaches. As the bond between Lin, a young girl adopted from a distant land, and the little lost dog becomes obvious to everyone, the hopes and dreams of both come true. Lin finds the furry friend she's longed for and the little dog, Foxy, finds a lifetime of love and a forever home with the best little girl ever.

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