Jackie Chan (Best of Inside Kung-Fu)

Jackie Chan (Best of Inside Kung-Fu)

Author: Curtis F. Wong
Pages: 160
Language: english

If you're a fan of Jackie Chan—the world's most popular action movie star—you've got to have this book. Drawing from Inside Kung Fu magazine's exclusive archives, every page is packed with rare pictures and unique insights on this comedy-kung-fu mega-star. From Jackie's personal reflections on his childhood through the evolution of his on-screen characters and his recent box-office smash successes, you'll get the real story and get to know the real Jackie Chan—the man behind the movie star. You'll hear Jackie talk about the issues and topics that mean the most to him, including: Childhood and his early training Martial arts and street fighting Health and fitness The philosophy behind every role Success and stardom The film industry and moviemaking Fight scene choreography and stunt coordination You'll also find an essential, complete filmography and Jackie's own "Top 10" list of his all-time greatest stunts. This book offers exciting insights and world-class photographs sure to entertain and enlighten Jackie Chan fans, martial artists, and action film buffs alike.

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