The Alaska Almanac: Facts about Alaska

The Alaska Almanac: Facts about Alaska

Author: Alaska Northwest Publishing
Pages: 240
Language: english

This best-selling reference book continues to soar in popularity. Chockfull of interesting facts in a handy A-to-Z format, The Alaska Almanac(R) features easy access to topics from Agriculture to Zip Codes. The highest mountain, biggest state park, the correct pronunciation of aks, it's here. (It's ig-ee-AH-gig, by the way.) "Nuggets, " fun sidebars from earlier editions, will tickle and amaze. Take this one from the 1988 edition, when a gold-camp cook near Ketchikan visited the outhouse: " 'Was just about to sit down and I hear this noise, ' he said. 'Then I turn around and I'm looking straight into a bear's eye.' The black bear's head was sticking up through the seat hole. It was not known how the bear crawled into the privy. Four men at the camp shoved the outhouse over, freeing the animal, who promptly ran away into the woods." Where else can you get such lively information, along with the names of the state's ten largest freshwater lakes and the latitude for America's farthest-north city? Illustrated with maps and photos, and sprinkled with the off-the-wall humor of Anchorage's favorite comedian, Mr. Whitekeys, this edition offers the latest statistics, updated Web sites, and a year's worth of noteworthy news from the Last Frontier.

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