2007 Saint Paul Almanac

2007 Saint Paul Almanac

Author: Kimberly Nightingale
Pages: 336
Language: english

They say that Minneapolis is the girl you take out if you want to have a good time, and Saint Paul is the girl you take home to meet the family. They say that Saint Paul is a working yet sleepy city, laid out in streets that confuse because they have names instead of numbers. Some think the nightlife has all but ended since the '30s when Dillinger and Ma Barker made the city their home. There are many myths about Saint Paul. Some are undeserved, and some are worth holding on to. "Like its river, Saint Paul has a strong current that pulls you in." Whether you are a native or a newcomer, the Saint Paul Almanac has something for you. Here you will find stories, vignettes, poems, listings, resources and more about the uncommon features, hangouts, secrets, mysteries, and obvious beauties that make Saint Paul what it is. Contributors include Mary Gardner, Moira Harris, Debbie Mongomery, Gordon Parks, Meridel LeSueur, and many more. "Kimberly Nightingale has compiled an arresting, highly informative, and picturesque excursion of the City of Saint Paul. It is very close to a work of art. To boot, this is a useful guide, citing key places, events, and historic sites, reflecting a seamless contour of the city — enveloping its beauty, much of it, in the poetic, descriptive language of its contributors." — Mahmoud El-Kati, lecturer, educator, writer, and historian "I love the almanac . . . it tells the city’s story week by week and month by month. It is a valuable reference for anyone trying to keep track of Saint Paul’s bustling agenda, with plenty of opportunities to pause and reflect on our lives." — Joe Kimball, Star Tribune, Saint Paul columnist "This much-needed almanac skillfully encapsulates the mosaic and melting pot that is Saint Paul. While it tells me what to look for in the coming year, it also elicits fond memories of people and places from past times in our great city. I wish the Saint Paul Almanac a long and successful life. Please buy it and use it." — David Unowsky, proprietor of Ruminator Books (formerly the Hungry Mind)

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