Antitrust Law Answer Book 2011-12

Antitrust Law Answer Book 2011-12

Author: Jones Day
Pages: 768
Language: english

As the economy improves, the Justice Department is ramping up its antitrust enforcement efforts. Given the potential for severe criminal sanctions and civil liability, expert guidance is indispensable to successfully navigate a legal minefield that often combines government enforcement and potentially devastating private suits. Jones Day has forged a stellar reputation in some of the most challenging antitrust matters in history, and the Antitrust Law Answer Book 2011-12 reflects their hard-earned knowledge in a highly accessible format you can immediately put to work for you and your clients. Bring their expertise to bear as you tackle such issues as investigations and litigation, agreements between suppliers and customers, monopolization claims, pricing, and unilateral conduct not related to price. Whats more, this handy guides detailed coverage of antitrust compliance programs can help you avoid or minimize problems that can derail a deal and lead to costly litigation. Antitrust Law Answer Book 2011-12 will quickly become your go to source when it comes to the practical impact of domestic antitrust and international competition law.

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