The Duchovny Files: The Truth Is in Here

The Duchovny Files: The Truth Is in Here

Author: Paul Mitchell
Pages: 284
Language: english

This biographical dossier on actor David Duchovny gathers together for the first time a comprehensive collection of profiles and interviews, complete with filmography, photographs, and hard-to-find facts, revealing the whole truth about the man they call “Fox Mulder.” Hard evidence of Duchovny's fabled intelligence and covert sense of humor is uncovered in these intimate probes and personal profiles conducted by major magazines. Duchovny discusses everything from the influence of family, his philosophy of acting, and his favorite part of the female figure to his plans for the future. Covered are Duchovny's acting credits, which comprise more than a dozen films, from Working Girl to Kalifornia, while his small-screen roles include hosting The Red Shoe Diaries and playing a transvestite DEA agent on David Lynch's notorious Twin Peaks.

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