On This Day

On This Day

Author: Sandra Hall
Pages: 400
Language: english

Ever wondered what historical events occurred on the day you were born?Would you like to know on what day Vietnam and the United States resumed diplomatic relations?When was Cleopatra's birthday? Completely revised and updated On This Day has the answers to these questions and so much more!Sure to appeal to history aficionados, trivia buffs and the insatiably curious, this reference provides a wealth of information including humorous commentary and historical facts about the over 1500 events listed throughout the year.The updated addition includes all the important events that have occurred in the last seven years, including:The launch of social networking site FacebookHurricane Katrina wreaks tragedy on the US Gulf CoastPope John Paul II diesTerrorists detonated three bombs in the London Underground train networkYou Tube is created by three friendsEarthquake hits Haiti and kills 220, 000 peoplePrince William marries Catherine Middleton in a Royal WeddingBarrack Obama is elected as the first black President of USASteve Jobbs, former CEO and co-founder of Apple Computers, diesItalian cruise liner Costa Concordia crashes

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