abc Civil Aircraft Markings 2009

abc Civil Aircraft Markings 2009

Author: Ian Allan
Pages: 448
Language: english

Fully comprehensive, the book also includes microlights, balloons, radio frequencies, airline flight codes and much else. Apart from featuring those civil aircraft registered in Britain, the book also includes the registrations of most civil airliners likely to be seen at British airports. The past year has seen considerable change in the aviation industry. Passenger levels have continued to grow from the nadir following the terrorist attacks of 11th September 2001.However, the high price of oil casts a shadow over the industry and has had a continuing impact on costs. Aviation profitability remains weak as higher fuel charges impact on finances and the continuing rise of the budget airlines threatens the margins of the flag carriers, forcing them into offering more competitive fares. Despite the uncertainties which market conditions and global politics can bring to the world of civil aviation, airlines continue to invest significantly in new aircraft and additions and deletions to their fleets are, as always, carefully recorded in the new 2009 edition of "Abc Civil Aircraft Markings".

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