DMCA responds to all the petitions concerning intellectual rights violation, acting in accordance with 17 U.S.C. § 512, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”), and other intellectual property laws. If you’re a copyright holder of any material published on, or the hyperlinks matching your copyrighted intellectual product are returned by the search engine of our site, and you want to take the material out of public access, you have to initiate the request which will include all the information listed below. The form of the request is a formal communication which clears all the details about how your copyright was abused. Please bear in mind that if a false accusation in breaching of copyright will take place, you should be answerable for all the losses, including claim costs and other tribunal expences, so that we strongly recommend you to consult a lawyer before you lay a complaint. Your copyright abuse claim should include following information:
  • Prove up that an approved individual acts for another individual, whose intellectual rights are presumably broken as a result of such activity

  • Give us your actual contacts (including an e-mail address)

  • Describe in detail your copyrighted material, so that we could identify it among other content on the site. Specify at least one keyword, entering which in the Search window results in appearing the material in “Search results”

  • Confirm that you have an honest and reasonable belief that using this specified material in such a manner is extralegal and is not allowed by the copyright holder and its representatives

  • Confirm that the information you provided is adequate and true, and that you realize your liability for probable misrepresentation.

  • Confirm that the plaintiff party is fully authorized to act for a holder of the copyright which was presumably abused

  • The request should be subscribed by the designated representative who is authorized to act for the person who owns an exclusive right which was presumably abused.
Please send your copyright abuse complaints to [email protected] Specify “DMCA Complaint” in the subject line (if you don’t do, we won’t receive your message may fail to be delivered). We usually respond to the infringement claims within a week. Please be aware that sending infringement claims to third-party organizations will not speed up a mail handling process. Contrariwise, it is likely to lead to a response slowdown because of some problem with processing the information which will emerge.


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