The text below describes the (“Ebook Digests”) website Privacy Policy. Ebook Digests reserves the right to make alteration in the general data protection guidelines for the purpose of bringing the Privacy Policy into accordance with web services reformations, without changing basic line of the Privacy Policy activity. Using Ebook Digests’s services gives evidence of your consent to gathering or unveiling your private data in conformity with the following Privacy Policy. If the Privacy Policy is modified, using Ebook Digests services after the changes are made automatically signifies your consent with last edition of the Privacy Policy. We suggest all users to look through this page from time to time and revise whether something had changed or not. If you have some worries or unclear situations relating to this text, or you suppose that Ebook Digests Privacy Policy should be improved in some manner or other, please contact us through the use of the contact form.

The paragraph below outlines the way how the information meant for users’ authentification (Personal Information) is collected, treated, and saved on the Ebook Digests server machines. The only purpose for saving such information is making the Ebook Digests services available for our users. Personal Information includes e-mail address, person’s name, street address, phone number, information about payments, and services usage statistics. Ebook Digests additionally saves some depersonalized data in log files.

The user’s e-mail address is firstly asked when you’re creating an account on Ebook Digests. We use it for sending a confirmation letter after completing the registration, and for sending notifications and informational letters afterwards. Account owners may subscribe or unsubscribe for e-mail alerts and newsletters by changing notification settings in the appropriate sections of their accounts. E-mail address may be also used for informing users about Ebook Digests meetings and events, new applications in the system, sending promo letters, and so on. Ebook Digests services also stores the telephone numbers of account owners subscribed to SMS notifications.

Service notifications sometimes can be sent to all users, including those who opted out of all the alerts, as an exceptional case. Such messages can be sent via e-mail or SMS. Such cases are rare, mostly related to technical problems (but not limited to this) and never related to the needs of promotion. If you don’t want to receive such messages, just take your account out of service by deactivating it.

When supplying the services, Ebook Digests communicates with account holders using e-mail or SMS messaging, according to customer preferences.

Ebook Digests conducts polls among service users once in a while. Participating into those online surveys is completely optional, so that a person may take a decision, whether he or she wants to answer the questions of the poll or not. You may be asked for review on some Ebook Digests product or service, and some polls are held for the purpose of gathering information for marketing needs. Leaving contact information and basic information about your age, sex, and occupation is usually optional. Your e-mail or phone numbers may be used for sending testimonials or asking for more detailed feedback information, and a user may unsubscribe from such alerts and letters at any time he or she wants. Anonymous polls are usually held in order to find new methods of upgrading Ebook Digests site and services and collecting users’ reviews. The Personal Information of the surveys’ participants is not put in the hands of outside persons and organizations by default. However, the Personal Information may be passed to third-party organization if you were notified about such an opportunity before you answered questions, and you gave your endorsement to this. Even though some polls and events are organized by outside organizations, those companies are not allowed to use service user’s Personal Information to their own advantage.

Acting in accordance with prior acts, Ebook Digests doesn’t gather, store and use Personal Information about people aged below 13. Therefore, using Ebook Digests site and services by children under 13 years old is forbidden. Ebook Digests retains the right to edit any content, remove public profiles Ebook Digests may remove public profiles owned by such persons, edit or delete their posts and other content they publish, and treat in such a way any content which looks doubtfully in the context of compliance with terms and conditions listed in this Privacy Policy.

Cookie files are the files sent to the user’s computer or mobile phone from the Ebook Digests server in course of browsing the site, and matched with account holder’s personal data. Cookies may be stored on the user’s device or deleted. Ebook Digests users are advised to enable storing cookies on their computers or phones for the purpose of saving their login information and using it in further web sessions. Additionally, Ebook Digests saves cookie files, which are not attached to any Personal Information, for the purpose of saving personal settings specified during previous sessions.

Ebook Digests reserves a right to make use of account holder’s Personal Information to create overall statistic reports representing target audience demographic characteristics, user activity, and other service usage details in general, in order to provide fundamental understanding of users’ demands. Those statistical reports represent user activity trends integrally, without giving anybody an opportunity to identify designated users and contact them. Outside organizations may be engaged in creating those aggregated reports or allowed to monitor account holders’ activity on the Ebook Digests site on the anonymous basis. Those third-party companies don’t have access to users’ Personal Information and contact data. They usually operate with web site and services usage statistics (such as clicks sequence, your browser and operation system, time and date, commercials you were interested in or skipped, and other data which can’t be tied to your Personal Information) for the purpose of proposing you advertisements you may be interested in and making the conversion analysis.

Ebook Digests collects certain information about user activity in the log files and saves them on its servers, as well as the overwhelming majority of modern web services do. The information about your web browser type, IP address, service provider, time and date, clicks statistics, outside web pages through which you got to the Ebook Digests site, and the hyperlinks which you followed leaving the site is collected for the purpose of analyzing users’ behavior on the site, collecting general demographic data for further use in statistics reports, finding the bottlenecks, and making the administration of the site more efficient. Information in log files is not attributed to your Personal Information.

Ebook Digests won’t disclose account holders’ Personal Information in no circumstances, except for following: Aggregate Information (non-personally identifiable) Ebook Digests reserves a right to make use of account holder’s Personal Information to create overall statistic reports representing target audience activity on products and services related to Ebook Digests. The information represented in such reports doesn’t enable anybody to find out which block of data refers to this or that particular user, so user’s identity and contact data can’t be established on the basis reasoning from such aggregated information. The aggregated information can be shared with Ebook Digests users and accredited companions. When Ebook Digests Unveils User Personal Information Ebook Digests reserves a right to furnish its sub-companies and service providers with account owners’ personal data solely for providing users with Ebook Digests services, upon the condition that the Personal Information will be used only for the sake of service providing, taking into account all the restrictions set in this Agreement. Additionally, the Personal Information may be revealed to outside organizations in such situations: (i) when we are obliged to do this in accordance with the applicable legislation, warrant, notice paper, subpoena etc., (ii) when there’s a risk of abusing the rights or assets owned by Ebook Digests, its sub-companies and sub-divisions, ISP or users, (iii) if there’s a risk for Ebook Digests users’ or other individuals’ private security. Business Transitions If the form of the Ebook Digests services ownership is changed (especially when it comes to mergers and acquisitions), or the assets are partially sold, transferring the previous ownership of Ebook Digests to third-party companies usually implies transferring databases including account owners’ Personal Information. If the Personal Information won’t be handled according to terms and conditions set in this Agreement after the ownership is changed, the warning letters will be sent to users, so that every account owner may give his consent or forbid this alternative usage of the Personal Information.

Please keep in mind that the Ebook Digests is not answerable on Privacy Policy infringements committed by any persons on the third-party web sites, even though the hyperlinks matched those web sites were posted on the Ebook Digests site. It is strongly recommended for all Ebook Digests users to keep a bright lookout towards privacy policies of all the web sites you get to through the Ebook Digests sites, and to read those third-party sites’ terms and conditions agreements carefully. This Privacy Policy is only applicable to Ebook Digests sites and services.

Even though Ebook Digests looks toward to protect its users’ Personal Information from being stolen, used for illegitimate objectives, lost, or modified without user’s consent, please be aware that any data transfer over the Internet can’t be completely protected from hack. Therefore, Ebook Digests, its sub-companies, sub-offices, and service providers, along with their administration, officers, and accredited representatives, issue no guarantee that your Personal Information won’t be stolen, used for illegitimate objectives, lost, or modified without your consent. We disclaim all responsibility for use or misuse of the Personal Information collected through the use of Ebook Digests sites and services (or posted by users themselves), committed by third-party individuals and companies or by user himself.

User is allowed to modify his or her contact data (such as e-mail address and phone number) through the use of the Ebook Digests site or SMS services. If you want to deactivate your account, please e-mail us using contact form.

The notifications of Ebook Digests Privacy Policy updates will be published on the Ebook Digests site.

For clarifying any details about Ebook Digests Privacy Policy please go to the Contact Us tab and fill in the contact form.


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